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What are eForms.

If you are like most business people, you are looking to drive as much operational cost efficiency as possible from your business processes. This means clever automation and allowing your customers and partners to self service via data entry applications.

When you think about the ways in which we transact over the web, whether an online reservation, a request for information, or making an online purchase, users expect to be presented with an online form to enter required data. Paper documents are no longer part of this process and subsequently most of the operational costs associated with processing forms are eliminated.

Manual paper based forms are expensive, difficult to distribute, and carry operational costs to manage and file. Electronic forms provide a natural framework for automating all of these processes. E-forms extend the functionality of your system and when coupled with automated workflow or document management can be used to create highly efficient Business Process Automation solutions

For more complex automation, check out our technology partners at Workflow Automation.


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